Consult with Rana Ryan connects with the families served by listening to them, not judging them and showing all families love from the initial meeting to the last day of service at Consult with Rana Ryan.

It is rare to find a therapist who want to help families on the family level, who understands that privacy is the key to building a relationship and enhancing one's life through the strength of the family.


Consult with Rana Ryan is made up of several counseling methodologies to help those who are in need.  Consult with Rana Ryan exists to help, to provide assessment, crisis intervention, and supportive counseling for all community members in crisis.

This specialized service is maintained by a team of supportive and well-trained staff who are ready to help. This is often utilized by people in danger or when there is a threat of danger. Our service is open to community members of any age and gender around the clock.


Our service are geared towards people who are in the process of healing from trauma or any other crisis. We cater to all trauma victims and offer an open place for safe communication. If you would like to learn more about our services, please get in touch.  We operate around the clock, either select our 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday through Saturday office hours or e-mail request any time and it will be answered with in 24 hours.


Since 2006, Consult with Rana Ryan has been committed to bringing support, hope and healing to those facing significant life challenges. Our methods have developed over the years, and with increasing resources, support and growing community awareness, we are able to change the lives of trauma victims for the better.