Rana Ryan began her work in social service in 1993 in Queens New York, two weeks after she completed her Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology. She started working as a family counselor for a preventive program counseling families and children connecting them to one another through learned counseling methodology.  Rana Ryan earned her third Master’s Degree MSW in Social Work and became licensed as a psychotherapist contracting with some of the largest Social Service Organizations in NYC after already acquiring her MBA and MPA. 

 Rana Ryan is a highly skilled, compassionate, empathetic, and solution-oriented mental health professional. She is dedicated to providing exceptional care and implementing effective treatment plans for children, adolescents, and adults experiencing or exposed to trauma, drug and alcohol abuse. Rana Ryan has a proven track record of success working with a diverse population enforcing cultural competence through language, the understanding of customs and respect for all. Rana Ryan is experienced in individual and group therapeutic settings.  She has the unique ability to manage different types of personalities and she increasingly depends on her engagement and assessment skills which foster effective communication, good listening and feedback that are essential to the therapeutic process.

Rana Ryan is certified in Anger Management earning her a CAMF; Certified Anger Management Facilitator. Rana Ryan uses her anger management skill to help her patients with building solid relationships through trust, love, honest communication and the awareness of angry emotions.  Rana Ryan has over 20 years working in mental health practice and she specializes in providing cognitive behavior therapy, dialectical behavior therapy and talk therapy to residential patients in drug rehabilitation facilities, social service organizations and in private practice.  Rana Ryan is the author of the new and exciting book called Addiction Aunt Jacky, her first published book has received great reviews in respect to urban addiction and how it started in the homes of many users.

Rana Ryan also taught on a University level at York College teaching Social Work and Psychology and she has taught youth culture at the New School University with Dr. Terry Williams a known author and professor at the New School University in New York City.  Dr. Terry Williams was one of the first readers of Addiction Aunt Jacky and he wrote “Addiction Aunt Jacky is a Wonderful, Powerful, Exciting, and Breathtaking Adventure that I could not put down”.

Rana Ryan prides herself on providing pro-bono work to many families who cannot afford mental health services.  She offers her services for free to families who suffer from the stigma of mental illness and help them overcome their battle with mental illness. With these families Rana Ryan make proper referrals to local community agencies that can continue the work that needs to be done.